Seeking Out Support
There are many resources that can be utilized to smooth out the rocky road that cancer throws in our way. Do not be afraid to explore them all. We are only as strong as our internal resources allow. And, yet, people believe that they simply don't have the skills to be able to cope with such difficulty. Well, the capacity is there to develop such skillslearning continuing to occur throughout our lives.

Financial Assistance  — Many different groups are detailed here that can provide emergency relief. It may be tough to get responses so making as many contacts as possible is highly recommended.

An REBT Mindset: Think Better. . .To Feel Better — Cognitive-Behavioral principles are those which we feel provide the most therapeutic and life success. This short little primer, based on our favorite therapy, may provide you with a useful framework for re-evaluation. 

Coping Skills for Caregivers — This 9-page document is a wonderful one to print out and keep handy as it has so many good tips and reminders.

Taking a Bite out of Cancer — A useful mnemonic and print-ready pdf to help.

Online Discussion Groups & Guides — There is much value in the group experience and sharing similar situations, such as a canine cancer diagnosis.

Using Yoga to Live with Ease  — This is a great help from Megan McDonough.

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