New Therapies Here & On the Horizon
It is an exciting time in the research world given so many recent advances with the mapping of the genome, stem cell transplantation, and more.

Gene Therapy for Cancer — Gene therapy is the introduction of a gene into a cell, in vivo, in order to address and lessen a disease process. Learn more from Dr. D. J. Argyle, from University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Cancer Vaccines — Learn about the University of Wisconsin-Madison's experimental anti-cancer vaccine for dogs diagnosed with melanoma. There are also articles here from the Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and Dr. Rowan Milner.

Virus Therapy for Cancer Find out what is going on in the Oncology Laboratory. There are articles here about the work of Dr. Cheryl London, Dr. Steven Suter, Dr. Suzanne Shelley, and Dr. Michael Kent.

Canine Stem Cell Transplantation — This revolutionary treatment, detailed by Dr. Joseph Impelizzeri, is being utilized in the treatment of Lymphosarcoma.

Post Genomic Possibilities
— Dr. Kevin Slater, of PetScreen, discusses the diagnostic and therapeutic opportunities arising from the sequencing of animal genomes. It is a fascinating read.

The Future of Biomarkers & Personalized Medicine in Companion Animal Practice
—  This 9-page article by Drs. Mian, Slater and Cave is an exciting one. Such technology is rapidly evolving for humans, and finally now for companion animals.

ATP-Based Chemosensitivity Testing - A New Direction for Chemotherapy —  Although this is a technical article, it does provide valuable background. One of the problems with chemotherapy is that tumors may be resistant to the drug being utilized. However, the veterinarian has no way of knowing this until treatment has started. Now, PetScreen is using advanced techniques to grow the cancer cells from a particular biopsy in the presence of a eight different drug treatments, resulting in their being able to indicate which treatment is effective in killing the cancer cells.

Telomerase: A Potential Diagnostic & Therapeutic Tool in Canine Oncology —  This article by Drs. Argyle and Nasir has quite significant implications.

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